Johnson Investment Counsel

2022 Virtual Wealth Management Forum

Friday, February 4, 2022


Enjoy Johnson Investment Counsel's 2022 Virtual Wealth Management Forum. President Jason Jackman provides a brief firm update, Johnson Trust Company President Michael Barnes shares highlights from JTC, and our panel of speakers presents an economic and market outlook as well as a discussion on wealth and estate planning topics. The forum was recorded on February 3, 2022.

  • Jason Jackman, CFA - Welcome & Firm Update
  • Charles Rinehart, CFA, CAIA - Economic & Market Outlook
  • Brandon Zureick, CFA - Economic & Market Outlook
  • Michael Barnes, Esq., CTFA - Johnson Trust Company Update
  • Mary Burns, Esq. - Wealth & Estate Planning Discussion
  • Laura Mattern, CFA, CFP® - Wealth & Estate Planning Discussion
  • Scott Wyckoff, CFA, CFP® - Moderator


To view the slides that were utilized in the forum presentation, click the link below.


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