Jarett T. Levitsky, CFP®

Jarett T. Levitsky, CFP®

Managing Director, Johnson Wealth Management
Executive Leadership, Wealth Management, Cincinnati

Jarett has been part of the Johnson Investment Counsel family since 2000. He is currently a Managing Director of Johnson Wealth Management. He holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA) designations as well as Qualified Kingdom Advisor certification. Prior to joining the firm, he worked for PENCO as a Compliance Manager.

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Laura R. Mattern, CFA
Associate Portfolio Manager
Casey R. Woodard
Portfolio Manager Assistant
Dalena M. Johnson
Client Support Assistant

Relevant Work Experience

PENCO, Compliance Manager


Asbury University, B.A. History, Minor in Economics

Community Involvement

Friends of the William Howard Taft Birthplace
Board Member (former)


Wall Street Journal Wealth Management Advisory Panel

Highlights & Recognition

Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce,
C-Change (Class of 2009)

My Story

Jarett T. Levitsky, CFP® Jarett Levitsky started at Johnson Investment Counsel in 2000 and comes from a small town America that doesn’t much exist these days. Or one we don’t hear much about anyway.

He and an older sister grew up in a rural setting outside Marion, Ohio, in a house set back in the woods. Jarett recalls his father, an ophthalmologist, was deeply influenced by the 1956 film, “Friendly Persuasion,” the story of a Quaker family struggling to maintain a peaceful life against the backdrop of the Civil War.

“Dad patterned elements of that movie into how he and Mom raised the family. So he found a home for us in the woods. We had chickens, rabbits, and a big garden. Dad was big on us doing things together. It was a very traditional family.”

Jarett went to a small church in a small town. The kids he attended kindergarten with were the same kids he graduated with, maybe 90 in all. He played varsity basketball and soccer for -- wait for it -- Pleasant High School. The school chose as its team mascot the Spartan, as if to offset the un-intimidating sound of the “Pleasant” part of its name. “The Pleasant Spartans!” Jarett says, grinning.

He’s a lot like his father, he says, and his son, Micah, is a lot like him. “My dad was always very affectionate, very encouraging, simple in his tastes, never flashy. We spent a lot of time fishing, canoeing, raising chickens, and working outside together. I think of Dad, and I think of chopping wood, the smell of leather, Louis L’Amour books, and all that. And it’s all flowed through to Micah.

“He and I like to hunt deer, wild boar, and turkey. Micah has gone hunting three times and has only needed to take three shots. He’s that good. Each hunt was grandfather, father, and son together sharing life, building memories. My dad took me to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, canoeing and fishing when I was 12. My plan is to replicate that trip with Micah one of these days.”

Jarett and his wife, Trish, connected as students at Asbury University, a small Christian school in the small town of Wilmore, Kentucky. Their daughter Chloe loves the outdoors and can hike a trail with the best of them, Jarett says, but she also loves the refinement of dresses, tea parties, pretty hair, and the like. They live in a small rural community outside of Cincinnati, which is very much like the community where Jarett grew up. He likes it that Johnson Investment Counsel is a fairly small firm. “Big would be hard for me,” he says. “I enjoy connecting with people in a smaller setting.”

His in-laws live close by and Trish’s father is the pastor of a small church called Good Shepherd International, a body of believers dedicated to serving African refugees.

Jarett will tell you all good advice is rooted in scriptural wisdom. He says it’s the source of any counsel he might offer. “I wake up in the morning ready to go. I love working with clients. I feel like my calling and my vocation are one and the same. I think after I retire, I’ll still want to do this. I like to help people gain victory.”