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You’ve managed your own investments pretty well in recent years. Your research and attention have paid off and you feel confident in the investment portfolio you’ve built. But as you start thinking about what comes next for you, your family, and your next generation, things are looking a lot more complicated. Don’t go it alone.

At Johnson Investment Counsel, our firm is built to help you navigate the complexities and implications of wealth. From risk assessment and tax planning to estate planning and charitable giving, our team has the market knowledge, analyst expertise, and access to sophisticated resources that enable us to build plans that protect your wealth and create a reliable financial future for you and those you love.


Every significant moment or change you experience in your life, whether personal, economic, or investment-related, impacts your long-term financial future. We understand how important it is to find a wealth management partner who takes the time to listen and understand what you hope to achieve throughout your journey.

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