Why Johnson?

At Johnson Investment Counsel, we’ve spent more than 50 years working alongside our clients and helping them navigate lives full of change. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of complexity and uncertainty around the many changes people face— both the expected and unexpected. The one thing we’ve learned is that while many of these changes can have an obvious financial impact, they also affect many parts of our clients’ lives and families. This is why we are so deeply invested and involved in our clients’ lives and experiences, helping guide and shed light on the far-reaching implications that every change can bring. As a compassionate team of experts, our job is not just to manage your money for life, but to educate, support, guide, and empower you through every change you will inevitably face.

Our Approach

At Johnson Investment Counsel, we don’t bring the same investment strategies to every relationship. We invest first in you, taking the time to understand more than just your financial situation, including the many connections your wealth has to family, business, future and your dreams. It’s why we work with our eyes focused squarely on your future, helping you see around corners and always be prepared for what’s ahead. Together, we’ll anticipate the opportunities and challenges and always be prepared to make wise choices that will have the most positive impact on everything that is important to you.

Here to help you plan for your future