Johnson Investment Counsel’s women's initiative, Thrive Network, is committed to harnessing the power of female professionals. It is our strong belief that we are better together–learning from one another, building networks to support one another, and collaborating both professionally and personally to become the best version of ourselves.

Thrive Network hosts events and educational webinars and participates in local and regional events that support and elevate women.

Encouraging and empowering women to thrive

At Johnson Investment Counsel, we believe that investment advice should instill confidence and peace of mind. Our passion is twofold: educating to give you confidence in your financial decisions while helping you navigate and prepare for all the stages and experiences of your life.

Financial advising is a close relationship built on trust. Understanding your goals and values is the cornerstone of building trust. This is why our team brings their passion and expertise for helping others to the table for every conversation. We are here to help you get, as well as give, wealth advice; to be a partner who provides ongoing financial education along with the tools and resources you need for long-standing prosperity. As a firm, we encourage and empower women to thrive, both in their investments and in their careers

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