My Story:

Joyce Waters’ mother, Julia, was an only child and, as such, was determined not to have an only child. So she had seven in the span of nine years, with Joyce arriving second to the youngest. “Mom used to say, ‘I held you with one hand and cooked with the other.’”

All seven kids grew up on a 500-some-acre farm near Richwood, Ohio. Joyce’s father, Howard, worked the farm full time in addition to a full-time job at Whirlpool. Joyce recalls him as a godly man who never once in her life had a bad word to say about anyone. On Sundays after church, Joyce’s parents would get in the station wagon and take a drive, just the two of them. The kids never knew where they went, but they were always happy to see them when they got back home.

Joyce was in 4-H for nine years. Her projects were pigs. She preferred Poland China hogs, the oldest breed of American swine, despite their name. “You’d be surprised how you get attached to them,” Joyce says. “If you show them in the ring, they have to know to walk alongside you. It was magic for the judge in the ring not only to see the definition of the pig, but how well you showed it.”

Joyce comes across as an all-American girl. She grew up singing in the Essex United Methodist Church choir. Starting in grade school and on through North Union High, she was on the gymnastics team – her events were the balance beam and the vault. She was a cheerleader in junior and senior high school in addition to playing clarinet in the marching band. She’s quick to laugh, always has been.

Her father retired from Whirlpool at the age of 58. He and Joyce’s mother felt called to mission work and spent six years in Guatemala. They were married almost 61 years until his death on Father’s Day of 2011. Joyce and her siblings worried their mother wouldn’t know what to do with Howard gone. “Then she decided to volunteer at the hospital where Dad spent his last week, and she’s become involved in a Bible study. The Lord has put people in Mom’s life who have lifted her up.”

For fun, Joyce teaches Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, weight training and step aerobics, to name a few. She loves interacting with people in a workout setting, watching them discover no matter how old or how young or whatever size they might be, they can learn to change from the inside out. She’s also into golf, biking, and sporting clays. One of her favorite possessions is a 12-gauge semi-automatic Beretta 391.

She has a son, Matthew, and a daughter-in-law, Julia, who Joyce will tell you is awesome and a blessing to her family.

Joyce is comfortable with herself and comfortable talking to anyone. She connects easily.

“Johnson Investment Counsel is the perfect place for me. Here, you can talk about the Lord. Here, it’s about your family, your faith, and giving back to the community. I know I’m here for the purpose of making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.”