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At Johnson Investment Counsel, we facilitate charitable giving in flexible and impactful ways with Donor Advised Accounts and Endowment Funds through the Johnson Charitable Gift Fund. Our Charitable Gift Fund is a public charity qualified by the IRS to receive tax-deductible charitable gifts and is managed and sponsored by Johnson Investment Counsel. We can also develop and implement a family philanthropy plan for you and your loved ones that will guide multi-generational charitable giving that is clear in purpose and produces measurable results.


Donor Advised Accounts

Make the most of your charitable contributions year-to-year with donor-advised accounts: flexible, tax-advantaged solutions for giving.

Donations you make to the Johnson Charitable Gift Fund are immediately income tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.
A Donor Advised Account allows you to plan to make charitable gifts and earn income tax deductions at times that have the most favorable impact on your tax and financial planning.
Recommend grants to appropriate charities you select. A grant can be made immediately, or charitable gifts can be accumulated over time to make larger grants in the future.

Advantages of Donor Advised Accounts

  • Low contribution minimum
  • Easy set-up and minimal cost
  • Income tax benefits
  • Create a legacy of philanthropy
  • Ability to give anonymously
  • Cost effective alternative to a private foundation
  • Grant making flexibility

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Learn more about the benefits of philanthropic giving and access important forms and applications.