Johnson Investment Counsel

2024 Virtual Wealth Management Forum

Thursday, February 8, 2024


In this year's annual Wealth Management Forum, CEO Jason Jackman provides a firm update, and CIO Charles Rinehart and Managing Director Brandon Zureick provide a detailed economic and market analysis. In addition, special guest Andy Laperriere, Head of U.S. Policy Research for Piper Sandler in Washington, DC joins us. He and Jason Jackman discuss the market implications of policy and political developments.

Our speakers:

  • Jason Jackman, CFA - CEO, Johnson Investment Counsel
  • Charles Rinehart, CFA, CAIA - CIO, Johnson Investment Counsel
  • Brandon Zureick, CFA - Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Johnson Asset Management
  • Andy Laperriere - Head of U.S. Policy Research for Piper Sandler, Washington DC   Learn more about Andy Laperriere here.


To download the slides from this year's Wealth Management Forum, click the appropriate link below:


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