My Story

Anthony C. Kure, CFP®

Managing Director of Northeastern Ohio Market, Senior Portfolio Manager, Principal
Management Team, Wealth Management Services, Cleveland - Akron

Tony Kure does not suffer from a huge ego.  That alone makes him a good fit with Johnson Investment Counsel.  He’d much rather hear about you.

Tony grew up in the Cleveland suburb of North Royalton.  He says he led a traditional boyhood, was a relatively good student and spent as much time outdoors as possible, playing in the woods and the creek near his home, building forts from old hunks of plywood, hanging out at the neighborhood pool.  “Looking back, I realize now how much things have changed.  I could be gone all day, as long as I was home when the street lights came on at dusk.  With my parents, I had a lot more independence growing up, a lot more opportunities to exercise creativity than kids seem to have with the helicopter parenting that goes on today.”

Tony is the youngest of five siblings.  His father was a dentist, and his mother was a teacher until she became a mom.  He says he learned from his parents two primary lessons, among many others.  Lesson one: It’s OK to be out-talented but not to be out-worked.  Lesson two: Marriage has to be very much of a partnership to succeed.  To this day, Tony says, his dad volunteers to run the vacuum, clear the table and do the dishes.

His mother also instilled in him a love for words and writing.  You can read some of what he writes on the firm’s website, – click on Perspective, go to “Blog: Beyond the Numbers,” and there he is.  His writing helped him grow his own business throughout his career.

“I was a stock analyst for a big Cleveland bank,” he says.

“The job paid well, but the hours were long.  And I was traveling a lot, missing my family.  I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t so much interested in helping hedge fund guys get richer as I was in helping families grow, maintain and pass along their wealth.  And I wanted to spend more time with my wife and daughters.”

So Tony stepped out on faith, launching a one-man advisory he called Magis Wealth Planning with zero clients and zero revenue.  Part of his marketing outreach was his monthly blog.  To his surprise, the business grew rapidly – to the point it was growing too rapidly.  In 2017, Magis became part of Johnson Investment Counsel.  He liked it that JIC has never sold products on commission.  He says the firm’s emphasis on family and faith resonated with him as well.

He and his wife, Jennifer share their North Royalton home with three school-age daughters.  He loves reading non-fiction and counts David McCullough, Thomas Sowell and David Chernow as some of his favorite authors. His hobbies are golf and driving the girls around to practices and games.  He coaches his youngest daughter’s soccer team.  One day, he’d like to take Jennifer to Europe.

For now, he’s single-minded about his goal.  “More than anything, I want to help grow the firm as much as possible in order to help as many people as possible.”