My Story

Jamie L. Horn

Director of Marketing, Shareholder/Principal
Management Team, Marketing, Cincinnati - West

Jamie Horn might best be described by way of a lesson learned from her mother, that being that if you have a positive thought, you should say it because you never know when doing so might shine light on someone’s otherwise dark day.

“When you say something positive, even when it might feel like it’s a stretch to actually feel positive, just saying it helps you believe it.”

Jamie grew up in Nicholasville, a lovely, medium-size town in the heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass.  Her father was a mechanical engineer at Lexmark, and her mother was in commercial design.  As a little girl, Jamie loved dancing and singing, mostly in front of her dresser mirror, mostly something she’d heard from the Judds or Reba McEntire. 

When her mother would hear a number she particularly liked, she’d come running into Jamie’s room and join her, both of them singing into imaginary mics.  If you’ve ever had the good fortune of experiencing Jamie’s generous spirit of enthusiasm, the scene is easy to imagine.

Another of her favorite childhood memories centers on being with her maternal grandfather at his crop farm in Evansville.  “Those times when I’d go to visit, I’d hear him stirring at 3 or 4 in the morning and pop up to catch him so I could ride with him on his big combine.  I’d stretch out on the ledge in the cab behind him or lay under his feet and watch the rows go by.  Those were special times, just him and me.”

Family has always been a big deal to Jamie. A few weeks prior to this writing, she married a guy named Kevin and officially became stepmother to Kevin’s two teenage sons, Zack and Dean.  One of her favorite things to do is cook for them.  “My happy place is the kitchen.  I love chopping vegetables – it’s like therapy for me.  And now I have a family to cook for.  It’s wonderful.”

She would like to be thought of as a positive, upbeat, warm person who gets stuff done.  Jamie is the Director of Marketing and graduated from the University of Kentucky before moving to Cincinnati.  She has been with the firm for more than ten years and aims to be here for the long haul.

“I have a really good work-life balance here.  I have two sons now, and it’s a priority for me to spend time with them.  Our firm understands that.  In fact, they pretty much insist on it.  It’s like, if someone is working extra-long hours, people will start wondering what’s wrong.  I’m fortunate to work with really caring people here.”